Prices & Policies

In this page you can be informed about our prices, packages and special offers. Find out the Bhavana Yoga members Card privileges and don’t forget to indulge yourself by experiencing every day, moments of pleasure, relaxation and well being!

Price List:

  • Drop in class: 15€ –  every 10 classes you get one for free
  • Community Classes Drop in: 8€

  • Bliss deal – Daily pass of two classes: 18€
  • 1 Week Unlimited Classes: 25€

  • Flexibility packages*

10 classes 130€

20 classes 240€

40 classes 390€

these packages are valid for 6 months duration

  • 1 Month Packages

4 classes 56€

6 classes 68€

8 classes 80€

Unlimited classes 95€

  • Unlimited Classes 70€ / month*

*for 3 month packages only

 Special discount packages

  • Students
  • Unemployed

*When showing student ID or unemployment card you have 20% discount on “Flexibility Packages” & “1 Month Packages”.

Member Privileges:

Our studio members are offered special privileges! With your Bhavana Yoga members Card you have:

  • Free Mat Storage
  • Special Yoga Events for members only!
  • Discount in special workshops

Furthermore with your Bhāvanā Members Card, (obtained upon signing in as a member), you have -10% discount  at IANOS CAFÉ.

(please note that this discount is not applicable to items already on sale)*
  • Contact us for an appointment at 210 3238133 or send us an email :

Bhavana Yoga Center “Love Your Life”