Sunday Class-Shadow Yoga Basics with Defne Suman

Yoga Workshop with Defne Suman When: 26 May 2013 - 11:00
Where: Bhavana Yoga Center, Athens

In this class Dafne will introduce the basics of Shadow Yoga to the yoga lovers of Athens.

Shadow Yoga is a school of Hatha Yoga founded by Zhander Remete, which begins with the practice of fixed forms or ‘preludes’. These fixed forms help to undo habitual patterns of tension in the physical body, which hinder the movement of the breath and the life force.

The specific sequence which will be showed in this class, (Balakrama) builds up  strength and stamina through stance work and it is the first step in cultivating coordination and rhythm through correct positioning and awareness of the vital junctions.

This class is suitable for students with at least six months of yoga experience and who are interested in trying Shadow Yoga.

At the end of  the class there will be a 15-minute time for questions and answers.


 The studio members could make use of their member’s card. 

Non-members drop in 8€.

To reserve your seat please contact us at 210 3238133 or

Some info about Defne Suman

I started practicing yoga in Nong Khai, Thailand where I was working as a Sociologist. During the years that followed, my curiosity has taken me to many countries on three continents where I have kept exploring and conveying the knowledge of Yoga. My first teacher in Thailand, with whom I trained one-on-one over for three years also encouraged me to study Buddhism, Vedic philosophy and various Hatha Yoga texts. Thus my exposure to yoga was, from the beginning, deep, intimate and grounded in a broader philosophical and theoretical context.

On a trip to Portland, Oregon in 2007 I met Zhander Remete, the founder of Shadow Yoga School. With its uncomplicated yet deeply effective movements, its potential for transformation and the vast amount of information on Ayurveda, Marmastana, Vedic philosophy, Shadow school of Hatha Yoga impressed me very much. In 2009 I got enrolled in the 3-year long Shadow Yoga teachers training program and studied yoga under the careful guidance of Zhander Remete and Emma Balnaves.

Conveying the knowledge of yoga to others through teaching and writing has always been an integral part of my own practice. In my classes I use the posture, breath and bandhas (inner locks) to create movement, which naturally leads to stillness. In the neutral state of mind stillness turns into contemplation and later to meditation. Clarity and wisdom appear as the natural consequences of this process.

I have completed my Shadow Yoga teacher’s training program in May 2012. With the approval of my teachers now I am teaching Shadow Yoga classes in Istanbul and in Portland.

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