The Radiant Self Retreat

Yoga & Detox Retreat with Konstantinos Charantiniotis When: 1 Sep 2017 - 02:00
Where: Kerala, India

Yoga & Ayurveda Detox Retreat – Kerala, India


Join Konstantinos to a unique Magical Yoga Journey.

Experience the 5000 year old science of Ayurvedic healing through a Pancha-Karma retreat, designed for deep cleansing of body and mind. This holistic health retreat is designed for those seeking to experience the incredible health benefits of living in balance.

Whether you want to enjoy deep rest and rejuvenation or find holistic methods to manage chronic issues, Ayurveda offers effective practices for self-care and the restoration of physical, mental and emotional balance.

In the motherland of Ayurveda

In Kerala, the motherland of Ayurveda immerse yourself into this week-long retreat, designed with care to help restore your optimal health and energy. Delight your senses in the most harmonious environment surrounded by lush greenery in one of the most known Ayurvedic centers in India to explore the core principles of this holistic approach.

Imagine yourself next to the ocean in a palm tree forest. Listen to the soothing sound of the Arabian Sea as you stroll down the sandy beach, relax your spirit to the birds song, release your body’s tension to the healing touch of experienced Panchakarma therapists and let your senses be overwhelmed by local myths and rituals.

Konstantinos insight will lead you in deep yoga practices which will undoubtedly transform the way you perceive yourself internally and outwardly to arise to its highest potential.
Let this journey be a turning point in your life to establish a new way of living and be your Radiant Self.

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