Contemporary Dance Workshop

Dance Seminar with Elena Prapidi When: 8 Mar 2014 - 05:30
Where: Bhavana Yoga Center, Athens

ContemporaryDanceworkshop at Bhavana Yoga A special workshop with Elena Prapidi The workshop consists of 8 classes/ work in progress sessions, each one with duration 2, 5 hours. The workshop dates are as follows: 09/11, 14/12, 11/01, 8/02, 08/03, 12/04, 10/05 @ 17.30-20.00 , final presentation of our work with a choreography 7/06/2014. Participation: 130€ for early registration,and attendance in all classes. Drop in class : 20€ / time Maximum number of participants 20 people. Contemporary Dance Workshop “work in Progress” with Elena Prapidi @ Bhavana Yoga Center This workshop will be taught in Greek. More info: T: 210 3238133 more info and registration : T: 210 3238133 Registration Form

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