About Hatha Yoga

The word Yoga means union. A union of mind and body.
Hatha came from the Sanskrit words «ha» which means the sun and «tha» which means «moon». It is translated as the Yoga that brings union of the pairs of opposites.
Hatha Yoga is particularly focused on developing the body’s potential so that the body can withstand the coming of transcendental realization.
The practice of Hatha Yoga aims to calm the agitation of a busy mind so you can see your own greatness. The use of postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation bring body, mind and spirit into perfect health and alignment.
In Hatha Yoga, asana practices work to bring symmetry into your physical structure. Proper body posture and an aligned, healthy spine balances the nervous system.  A well-aligned, flexible spine is the secret to maintain a youthful body. Yoga practice reminds you that the ultimate goal is not to reach a mythical day of having a perfect, straight back, but to find a place where there is ease and comfort in your body today.

Hatha Yoga can work for different people and types of bodies, different stages in life, and for each person’s different needs.

There are different styles to practice Hatha Yoga. Some styles are very gentle and slow moving while others are fast paced and vigorous. All styles of Hatha Yoga have benefits.
At Bhavana Yoga Center we offer Anusara-inspired yoga classes. By evaluating your individual needs and personality type, we will help you choose the right class to practice and maximize the benefits of Yoga.
And remember, yoga isn’t about being able to shape your body into a knot…
Yoga is living harmoniously by understanding yourself through practice.