Private Classes

Yoga private classes

Our private yoga lessons are tailor-made to the needs of each individual student. In each class the teacher works closely with the student taking into consideration the level, the abilities and possible difficulties the student is facing, guiding him to better build his practice and enjoy the benefits of the practice.

Classes may include a selection of asanas (physical exercises), pranayama (breathing exercices) and meditation that is best suited to the student. The sequence of the classes is built in a manner to promote improvement of body posture and in some cases possible treatment of ailments of the person taking the class.

Private yoga classes are available for all levels, from beginners to advanced yoga students or yoga teachers. Beginners will benefit from setting a firm base, on which they can build their yoga practice, while advanced students will be able work more focused towards really deepening their practice and enjoying more of the benefits yoga has to offer leading them to another level of practice.

* Private yoga lessons for individuals or a small group of  2 up to 4 people

For more info please contact the studio front desk at 210 3238133

Yoga therapy classes 

The ancient practice of Yoga is among the most effective known methods for managing psychosomatic and stress-related conditions.
Yoga Therapy can complement modern medicine. Simple physical postures, breathing practices, relaxation techniques and meditation are personally tailored to your individual needs. You will be guided carefully through rehabilitation and an assigned self-practice will help you to manage your own well-being.
Therapeutic yoga can be followed even by those who have never practiced yoga before.
Yoga Therapy is highly recommended for: anxiety, arthritis, asthma, back pain, mild depression, high blood pressure, migraine, sports injuries, structural imbalances (e.g. scoliosis).

* sessions are on a small group basis of  up to 6 people

For more info and to arrange a private class please contact the studio front desk at 210 3238133 or