The Conversion – Summer Intensive Retreat

The Conversion


Yoga Studies, Philosophy, Ayurveda and Health, Meditation, Pranayama, Mudra, Embodied Anatomy

AUGUST 2-18  2013 Paros island, Greece

with Konstantinos Charantiniotis, Tara Judelle, and Todd Tesen   

and guest teacher Emil Wendel

On the Aegean Island of Paros, Greece, you are invited to join a community of teachers for three weeks to create a unique experience.

Joined by our desire to create a full transformative exploration we have envisioned three continuous weeks, of immersive studies in a beautiful cycladean setting. Eat good food, dive into the offerings of yoga, philosophy, meditation etc . and commune with others who have chosen to do the same.

You will choose one of three paths, for the shape of your conversion.

Path One: Three immersions designed for the intense practitioner, or for those interested in moving on the path of teaching yoga. The three immersions are the prerequisites to the Art of Teaching.

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Dates for 2013:

Immersion 1 August 3-7

Immersion 2 August 8-12

Immersion 3 August 13-18

*arrival on the 2nd – departure on the 18th for full immersions or,

Immersion 1 arrival 2nd  departure the 8th 

Immersion 2 arrival 8th by departure the 13th 

Immersion 3 arrival 13th departure the 18th 

Arrival and departure by 12 am for all events above

€880 per section, or all three for €2450 (includes room, brunches & dinners)*

Path Two: The art of teaching. Designed for those that have already completed 108 hours of immersions studies or its equivalent in another school of yoga. Art of teaching is the second 120 hours that are countable towards Bhavana Yoga’s 200 and 300 hour programs.

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Dates for 2013:

August 2-18,

*arrival on the 2nd – departure on the 18th (check in 12 am, check out 12 am)

2450 € the whole program. (Accommodation and meals are included)*

Path three: Conversion retreat.

Join us to an unforgettable 7 day vacation to Paros! Rejuvenate with Yoga pranayama & Meditation.

Take part in the yoga, pranayama, meditation and community on Paros and spend the middle of the day restoring and relaxing in the Mediterranean sea . Enjoy healthy wholesome meals and  experience the inner peace and tranquility that Yoga offers, in the beautiful setting of Okreblue retreat center in Paros island.

Dates: August 2-7 2013*

*arrival on the 2nd – departure on the 8th (check in 12 am, check out 12 am)

Retreat Price : 780 Euro* (including room- – brunches and dinners.)

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Bhāvanā Yoga is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance.

Hours accrued in both the immersions and the Art of Teaching count towards both the Bhavana Yoga School, or as hours towards the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.

Upon completion of Bhāvanā Yoga 200-hour RYT, candidate will qualify for our 500 RYT yoga training.

All hours from the conversions in Paros will count either towards the 200 or 500 hour RYT with Yoga Alliance

Details of future modules and workshops for the 500-hour training will be coming soon.