Bhāvanā School of Yoga Teacher Training – RYS 200

Bhāvanā Yoga is committed to creating the highest calibre of study intensives.

We are a community of facilitators dedicated to authenticity, creative energy, and the path of awakened experience.

As such we have developed the following comprehensive curriculum to serve both those wishing to deepen their practice, and those dedicated to teaching.

RYS200_BhavanaOur 200-hour RYS training program is designed to be a comprehensive initiating into the practice and study of yoga,philosophy, and health in order to nurture those interested on the path of teaching into a deep and powerful offering of themselves.

The 200 hour Teachers Training has two paths to follow.

Path One: Receptivity, Structure, Exploration – 108 hours

Three immersions designed for the intense practitioner, or for those interested in moving on the path of teaching yoga. The three immersions are the prerequisites to the Art of Teaching.

Path Two: The art of teaching – 120 hours

Designed for those that have already completed 108 hours of immersions studies or its equivalent in another school of yoga. Art of teaching is the second 120 hours that are countable towards Bhāvanā Yoga’s 200 and 300 hour programs.

02-YA-SCHOOL-RYS-200Hours accrued in both the immersions and the Art of Teaching count towards both the Bhāvanā Yoga School, or as hours towards the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.

Upon completion of Bhāvanā  Yoga 200-hour, candidate will qualify for our 500-hour yoga training.

All hours from The Conversion in Paros will count towards the 200 or 500 hour RYT with Yoga Alliance with Bhāvanā Yoga or Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.

Details of future modules and workshops for the 500-hour training will be coming soon.

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