Getting to know International Yoga Teacher and Activist Seane Corn

Βhavana Yoga Center is proud to host International Yoga Teacher and known activist Seane Corn.

We invite you to get to know this wonderful teacher through a  motivating 3 days Yoga Workshop 13th -15th of June 2014, with theme : “The Three Realms of Consiousiness”.

A few words about Seane Corn:

  • Activist
  • Social Champion
  • 25 years student of Yoga
  • 18 years teacher of Yoga
  • 21 times Magazine cover model
  • Co-founder of Off the mat, into the world organization
  • 5 Global Service Expeditions
  • National Yoga ambassador for Youthaids
  • Author of 4 best selling yoga Dvds
  • Nike, Lucy and Gaiam Muse
  • Conscious Humanitarian award winner
  • Empowerment Evangelist
  • Hollywood Yoga Teacher
  • Raised $2.7 million for global communities in crisis

Getting to know Seane Corn :

In 1987, the owner of a Manhattan café- where a young Seane Corn waited tables- invited her to try yoga.
This was her beginning.Seane felt completely at home in a yoga studio; studying the poses, meditation and the ancient Hindu texts.

As her interest in healing and spirituality increased, she studied the different world religions, Buddhist self-inquiry,traditional sacred rituals, shamanism, as well as modern self-help therapies, and intense transformational journeywork. Yoga introduced her to a new way of experiencing art, food, humanitarianism, global politics and outreach. With this newfound way of living, she started feeling real happiness for the first time, and yearned to empower others to do their inner work and be part of the world in a more meaningful way.

Seane moved to Los Angeles in 1992 and it is here where she eventually began her teaching career. She studied with one of the world’s most renowned teacher: the father of Ashtanga yoga Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, leader in energy psychology Caroline Myss, Ph.D., and yoga and spirituality teachers Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller, Eddie Modestini and most significantly, Mona Miller, her teacher of 11 years, who taught her “shadow work” and how to process, not bypass, emotions. This work is the corner stone of Seane’s personal practice and teaching. With a sharp ‘yoga toolkit,’ Seane developed a unique and holistic style that allowed her to transform a typical yoga class into a journey of Self-discovery. Seane’s work goes beyond the body-where the practical meets the mystical- and uses the practice of yoga as a tool for spiritual liberation and global healing.

It is this eclectic approach that landed Seane on magazine covers, in documentaries, with op-ed features and her own series of yoga DVDs. She became the face of dozens of campaigns, from Nike to Lucy to Gaiam, bringing health and wellness lifestyles to the mainstream. She has taught yoga to Madonna, Sting, Larry David, Nicole Kidman, Robert Downey Jr., John Cusack, Drew Barrymore and dozens of other entertainment luminaries.

This is how she funded her deeper calling to serve, using her strong voice to bridge the gap between yoga
and social responsibility. Seane is a long-time activist for HIV/AIDS awareness, gay rights and environmental
advocacy. In 2005 she was named the National Yoga Ambassador for YouthAIDS alongside actress and Global
Ambassador Ashley Judd, and then two years later co-founded Off the Mat, Into the World.

Off The Mat is a leadership training program teaching tens of thousands of yogis’ sustainable practices to help uncover their purpose to become architects of political and social change. With Off the Mat, Seane executes sustainable service projects in the US and around the world, including building an eco birthing center in Uganda, a halfway house in South Africa, micro-financing programs in Haiti, teen gang anti-violence actions in East Los Angeles and the conscious voting initiative Yoga Votes.

Seane Corn in Athens 1The practice of yoga teaches us that we are all connected-body, mind and spirit– to each other and to the world in which we live and share. Seane deeply embodies this knowing. She is committed to living this truth through her own practice, her service work and guiding countless yogis and activists in creating their own journey towards healing themselves-so that, together, we can help heal the world. Seane is a fierce leader who is changing the game and igniting a movement. Her approach is direct, provocative, motivating and skillful as she guides her students on a journey of the soul. She embodies the grace and grit of a spiritual warrior who is living her yoga and sharing it with the world.

Motivated by her own continued healing work, Seane is driven by a fearless sense of spiritual purpose and responsibility.

Every moment that she is able to teach is activated by a personal urgency to engage people in a conversation that individual transformation is the key for collective unification. It is this passion and commitment to self-awareness as the foundation of global healing, combined with the tools of yoga, shadow work and deep internal processing, holistic body care and nutrition that make her work sustainable, inclusive and meaningful!

more about Seane Corn:


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